Cool Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere

BreezeCool Pro™

Stay cool and refreshed with our portable mini air cooler!

- Ice-Powered Cooling & Humidification

- 7 LED Colors for Perfect Ambiance

- Low Noise, High Comfort

- 3 Wind & Spray Modes

- Easy to Clean

- Sleep Mode & Night Light

- Adjustable Timer (1, 2, 3 hours)

- Add Perfume for a Pleasant Aroma

Experience ultimate comfort on-the-go!



The Ultimate Mosquito Killer

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and other annoying insects with ZapGuard. Our cutting-edge device uses a powerful blue amethyst light to attract mosquitoes, flies, moths, spiders, and other light-sensitive bugs.

- Instant Shock: High-pressure electric grid kills insects on contact.

- Safe Design: Durable ABS shell prevents accidental contact.

- Stylish Options: Available in green and grey variants.

Experience a mosquito-free environment with ZapGuard, your reliable solution for a peaceful and bug-free space.


Our Mission

Welcome to Hypro! Since our inception in 2022, we've been committed to developing top-notch products that address real-life problems with effective, user-friendly solutions. Our dedicated team is passionate about creating a healthier, more comfortable living space for you and your loved ones. We believe in the power of innovation and simplicity, aiming to deliver products that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.